Information Management

Information management

A key element of BIM is the appointment of an information manager. The role of the information manager is to facilitate the management of federated models. HADDA can fulfil this role either within the design team or a separate appointment.

We can provide and manage a common data environment for your projects.  We will establish and implement the information development strategy with the whole supply chain.

We can provide an impartial and professional consultation with clients and building owners to ensure that their requirements are captured and communicated with the wider project team. We can then also develop a model checking process and relevant BIM documentation that compliments the client requirements.

We can provide support in the production of all relevant BIM project documentation. Employers information requirements, BIM Execution plans and project specific BIM standards are examples of what we can assist with. Critically we aim to integrate and work with the whole supply chain to ensure that all parties are pleased with the shared information package.