Dexys Midnight Nodes


DexysMidnightNodes is a collection of Dynamo nodes available from the dynamo package manager. It includes nodes for data cleaning and creating user interfaces amongst other things. The table below highlights the nodes available in the package and provides links on how to use each node within the package.

CategorySub-CategoryNameDescriptionTagsVersion Added
CoreParameterGetParameterValue_ByName_V2Gets the parameter value for elements, fixes an issue of dynamo not reading type parametersparameter value 0.0.12
CoreElementsGetElement_TypeGets the type of the element element type0.0.11
ListConvertList_ConvertTo_Boolean_ByValueConverts a list into a list of booleans based on true/false valuesboolean list convert0.0.10
ElectricalCircuitsCircuits_Sort_ByPhaseOrganises electrical circuits by phasephase sort circuit
ValidationInputReadExcel_StandardCheckingSheetReads a standardised excel file format for getting model validation criteriaexcel validation checking0.0.08
CoreParameterTable_ParameterValuesCreates a table of the parameter values
data table parameter
Concatenates parameter values of elements
concatenate value0.0.06
UIDialogInformation_MessageDisplays an information messageinformation message UI0.0.06
Displays an error messageerror warning message UI0.0.05
Finds the values in list B that are in list Amatch list search0.0.04
UIFormListSelection_UserFormCreates a form for selecting elements from a listlist UI form select0.0.03
CoreElementsFind_Elements_ByParameterValueReturns elements for the given parameter valuesfind parameter values 0.0.02
ListCleanRemoveNullOrBlank_ParameterValuesRemoves all null and empty/blank values from a listdata clean null empty list0.0.01