This node converts a list into a list of boolean values. The node reads a list, if the values in the list are in the true value list the list will return true, if the value is in the false list the list will return false, if the value is in neither list it will return what ever is input as the error string. The example below shows the node being used to convert the list (1,2,3,4,5,6,5,2) with the true values (2,4,6) and false values (1,5) with any not in these lists returned as N/A (the default value.

This node can also be used to convert this list into a true boolean list by using the configuration of the second example. This shows the same list provided with the same true values but no false values, rather the error string is replaced with false. This configuration ensures that any values not in the trueValue list will return false.


list (List) – This is a list which is to converted into a list of booleans

trueValue (List) – The list of values that should return true.

falseValue (List) – The list of values that should return false.

errorString (String) – The string that should be returned if the item in list is not within either the trueValue or falseValue list.


listOfBoolean (List) This will return the list of booleans.

First Published in DexysMidnightNodes Version 0.0.10

Found under List>Convert

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