This node finds elements that have given parameter values of a particular parameter. The example below shows how the node can be used to filter all views that are related to Level 0. The example takes all views in the model, the node returns all the views where the associated level parameter is Level 0.


searchValues (List) This is the parameter values that should be returned by the in output. A list of data may be entered or a single piece of data.

elements (List) This is the list of elements of which should be searched for the given parameter values.

parameterName (String) – This is the name of the parameter you wish to search the searchValues within.


in (List) The will return a list of the elements which meet the search criteria.

out (List) – This will return a list of the elements which do not meet the search criteria

First Published in DexysMidnightNodes Version 0.0.2

Found under Core>Elements

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