Why use BIM?

BIM is effectively a collaborative approach to the entire life cycle of a built asset. Whilst BIM is not 3D CAD, a single technology or software, the BIM approach is established by the production, storing and exchange of managed 3D models containing structured data.

The BIM process enables better communication and collaboration between design teams. The structured data and single approach improves the understanding and context of shared information. Using this approach improves productivity and reduces rework. The latest modelling and clash detection technologies allow teams to digitally prototype a built asset and detect the design clashes, resolving any construction interferences early and reducing the overall project delivery cost. BIM Models contain information that can be used to operate and maintain built assets. The BIM process enables the end user to influence the data structures that are contained within the model ensuring that only the relevant information is captured.

What we do

HADDA is a Sussex based BIM consultancy. We specialise in the implementation of BIM and on project delivery for the construction industry. We are an independent BIM consultancy team that focuses on cost-effective BIM delivery. We will assist your team with the latest tools, skills and methods for delivering BIM projects. The team has extensive experience working on BIM projects across a number of industry sectors, on various project types.

The team are focused on technology and process, always striving to improve performance and boost efficiency. We deploy the latest technology and processes to reduce rework, increase productivity and improve project outcomes.

Our services